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Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 - Solo Instruments

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Best Service Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 - Solo Instruments
News Best Service Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 - Solo Instruments

Wind instruments ensemble from Best Service belonging to the Chris Hein series

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Best Service products announced that the Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 Solo Instruments collection is now a reality.

Based on the NI Kontakt Player 2, the collection delivers a strong creative package of four solo instruments — Alto-Sax, Tenor-Sax, Trumpet, Trombone and an additional Trumpet-Section.

This collection features nearly 18,000 samples totaling 2.8 gigabytes. At approximately 4,000 samples per instrument, the composer and performer now have the ability to sculpt the emotional content of a recording through the employment of up to 38 different playing techniques, all within one program. Performance nuance is further enhanced by up to 20 velocities per note combined with a choice of up to 189 variations per note, yielding an enormous range of tone and inflection.

Seventy-two control features are available with a new interface with 11 edit-pages and six DSP EFX and 21 high-class convolution reverb programs. New control features include Key-Switch Present, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato and Real-Vibrato, Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control, Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes, Breath Release-Trigger, and more.

Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1.5 retails for $399.95. For more information, visit the EASTWEST website http://www.soundsonline.com/home.php

New Features:

    * Kontakt-Player2 included
    * 72 controllable features.
    * New interface with 11 edit pages
    * Legato- & Glide-Mode (with new samples)
    * Key-Vibrato
    * Hot-Keys
    * An abundance of sound shaping functions

Instrument Features:

    * Trumpet: 4030 samples, 600 MB, 38 articulations
    * Alto Saxophone: 3804 samples, 920 MB, 30 articulations
    * Tenor Saxophone: 4.083 samples, 1.040 MB, 30 articulations
    * Trombone: 4.021 samples, 820 MB, 27 articulations
    * Trumpet Section: 2.323 samples, 750 MB, 38 articulations

For more information, visit their web site at www.soundsonline.com.
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