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cavimaster 11/01/2008

Outsim SynthMaker : cavimaster's user review


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Syntmaker 1.1.2

I bought two and DOWNLOADS cuillre pot shots at Outsim.
Installation is simple and fast as on an old Pentium IV dual core than a quad, RAS, normal.
He immediately captures all audio devices installed, there is the parameter "install and play"


So the old cuckoo (P4 - 512MB RAM - sound card realtek internal) what a desktop PC! was running but ... PC oar to import large modules for copy / paste, and even sometimes, it crashes the program carrment. CPU 100%. When testing modules of synthesis, sound crachouille and saturates. So bad idea.

However on my workstation (dual quad core - 4Gb ram - ESP1010 soundcard) everything is perfect, fast and stable. Morali Synthmaker food resource and requires a sound card below!


I use it extensively for two weeks and I find it enjoyable! I have some notion of electronics and programming and I find myself Completely. It is logical, simple, one can go further and frankly, you can own these dvelopper VST or EXE is when even a big, big plus.

The only default that I can find it's me! ;) Srieusement and objectively, I do not see in what he would IMMEDIATELY amlior. Yes interface can be a bit more "fun" but ...

I never truly possible to work with Traktor it difficult for me to make a comparison. If this is the price. Indeed, Syntmaker 150Eu is somewhat less prs and with the price of the dollar right now is worth it.

So, for now and always, this app is perfect for me and is currently in the Contents me REFERENCES.