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Thread help with homestudio connections

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1 help with homestudio connections
o.k.. here it is ill make this as easy as possblie.. i have reason 4.0 ,, mpc 1k,, a roland midi keyboard,, a xenyx 2442,, and a tascam neo..  this is what i want to do.. i want to use reason as a sound module with the mpc however record all the mpc tracks into the neo's tracks.. my great question is what is the best way for me to set this up.. am i lacking any gear?? would it be easier or better to go with cubase or something using an interface?? any help will be appreciated..
...hmm. Well if you are running Reason then you could try to run it in Slave Mode following the MPC. I assume you are using the Xenyx as your interface? If you want to sync it you are still missing a MIDI Interface (I don't think the Xenyx has one - right?).

...so I think it would be a lot easier for you to use Reason over Rewire in something like Cubase and sync the MPC-1000 with Cubase. I am not sure if the Xenyx would suffice as an interface there. Also I am not sure but maybe you could use the MPC's USB port as an Audio-Output to go directly into your computer.

But if you want to use the Neo and the Keyboard via MIDI then you would have to purchase a MIDI Interface an go from there.