Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040
Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040

Sonic Exciter SX3040, Exciter/Enhancer from Behringer.

Audiofanzine FR 03/08/2009

Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by barbilux/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
It's sort of like a low/high EQ but it's a bit more sophisticated than that. An EQ amplifies high frequencies, the SX3040 creates them! It generates second-order overtones using the existing frequencies. The effect is more subtle than an EQ.

The device also allows you to precisely shape the low frequency range.

Two-way mono operation, which means fully independent processing and bypass.


The black dot on the chrome knobs should be more clearly visible so that I can write down my settings.

The device looks good and it has a good finish.

I use it with TRS jacks. The signal to noise ratio is ok. But boosting high frequencies always amplifies (white) noise too!


It's certainly a good device for mastering and public address applications but I use it for recording and mixing. I use it mainly to add clarity to my vocal mic but also to shape the bass adding it subharmonics. It's also good for drums.


I've been using it for about six months with my DAW.

Very good value for money.