Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040
Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040

Sonic Exciter SX3040, Exciter/Enhancer from Behringer.


Behringer Sonic Exciter SX3040 : Anonymous 's user review


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Boost the bass without going through a tedious settle equailiser

cre of harmonics on the treble

clarifies a human voice

even double module => STREO be L / R, or two separate entry



Simple manual, 5 minutes Getting Started

clearly, the trick is for those who do not want to spend hours on an equalizer, those who have a home studio semi pro.

for those who rock, metal, ca boost the bass, li good amp, the result dchire

for teckno or electro or tribe, installed between the mixer and the amp, it's enough create a sound system (anti larsen advice!) Wild!

for classical music, filter out the sounds pure trs (violin, harp ...) to get out a clear

Personally, I installed downstream of my mixer, I have my three knobs high, mid and low that allow me to mix the way I want.
downstream excite me maintain my paramtres gnraux and 6 buttons, I instantly corrects any nuance that might appear.

Attention is not an equalizer is, you can put one downstream, but at the risk of losing the harmonic functions of acute


Own effects and awesome, turn your speakers woofer and tweeter sounds reworked

report quality price => there's no better
rack, consider putting it up, finish: average, standard Behring
between jack and XLR pairs possibility "virtual output by fiddling between 4 mono and Stereo

big +: the table with double mix between auxiliary output, with possibility of cords Y rinjecter Berhinger the sound of the table and shuffled to the original sound => ca transforms a small group of Scud in zic! or cre effects HALL friendly enough


3 months of use
Nothing to say