E-MU Mémoire SIMM
E-MU Mémoire SIMM
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Oxygen 11/28/2002

E-MU Mémoire SIMM : Oxygen's user review


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Emulators of the E6400 SERIES - ESynth rack & keyboard - E4X Turbo - E4K Ultra-E5000 - E6400 Ultra - Ultra E4XT are compatible with SIMM 16 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB
Specifications: 72-pin - EDO - 5 volts - not composite - time ACCS <60nanosecondes
These samplers possdent two RAM slots available.
Parity of the sizes of strips required for the addition of the total size.
Example: 2 x 64MB = 128MB, 1x16Mo 1x64Mo + = 72Mo. In the case of a DPAR RAM sizes, the smallest strip is divided by two.

(Note: the bars Simm memory intgre original versions in ESynth and keyboards are E4K Simms whose time of ACCS is much slower than the new memory arrays that are can be found on the market. Often the installation of new (s) Simm (s) with an old since the sampler is impossible to absolutely work as parity time excl.)