Roland SR-JV80-14 Asia
Roland SR-JV80-14 Asia
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spritnoirr2 09/12/2006

Roland SR-JV80-14 Asia : spritnoirr2's user review


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So here, which can be characterized as one of the cards UFO collection Sr Jv when you do not have ... The famous and original map Asia.

I must admit that I have a soft spot for this collection of extenstion and honestly there is something ...
Having not seen an opinion on this card, I had made up his mind to work to buy all that was typed Asian wind instruments, in vogue in musical productions of Rap in 2006 ...

And then ... I am a cider!

Corespond it does not at all what I was looking ... It is even better!!
Indeed, both in originality as in the quality of sound, that little thing you do die for!
Reversing, so that we can believe in finding strings Scott Storch, rhythms (bouboum) heavy and dull in the Timbaland / Neptunes and winds his shrill to Animal ... Except ... It's Almost! Same!
It is only happiness in a box, flutes sound, percussion strokes, tapping melodies, only a few of the heavy cm2!
There are recesses of samples which have cramps lips so they are ridiculous especially the Ninja plastic with their Whooooouuuuu !!!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!
But there is no point when we want carton paper mache ... This card is made of concrete!

Approximately more than 200 patches of happiness and about forty loads of fun.
With this marvel of Roland, one begins to compose music as East Asia as all in a comtemporary sound reproduction.
I will not make a detailed report of the sounds in it because I do not know the name of such instruments but trust me, it can be damn hard clods puique it!
It is the originality of a config and as its sound is habutide Roland ... So ... High quality.
Roughly it could be between the card world (the mind), Contry (in some agreements) and Orchestral (for some instruments) but this is very rude!
So my rating criteria:
The card is original and it sounds good they are expected in the registry?
Yes see 5 / 5, 20/20, 100 %!!!!!!!

The sound quality and dynamic rendering is good?
Excellent, great stereo 4.5 / 5!

The patches are they all usable?
Unfortunately not because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Productions .... Whooouuuaaa!! 4 / 5!

The result of this audio card it is very typical today?
Direct my mouth! 4.5 / 5!
Race Results: 18/20
Original map and quality (because these days there is little expanders "Asian Special").

Good investment!

SpritNoirr ;-)!