Roland DP-2 Damper Pedal
Roland DP-2 Damper Pedal

DP-2 Damper Pedal, Expansion Board for Electronic Instrument from Roland in the Damper Pedal series.

Cripur 06/08/2008

Roland DP-2 Damper Pedal : Cripur's user review


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Bought a week ago, this is my fourth switch pedals because I use multiple keyboards. I took it because it is the squat and taller so easy to identify with one of my other foot pedals.
Surprises the opening of the bote: I demand a Roland, not something made of plastic. For the same price, the M-Audio SP-1 and Yamaha FC-5 are metal. In fact, Roland does not even bones to his mark on the pedals that would swear be a low-end product.
Single positive point: the cable is longer than the competitors.
Had I known, I would have taken a different MODEL. I expect to see his life.