Roland PG-1000 Synth Programmer
Roland PG-1000 Synth Programmer
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nan3200 06/02/2010

Roland PG-1000 Synth Programmer : nan3200's user review

«  not enough buttons! »

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programmer D50

as knobs, rather complex, finally;
PG10 is the system of pllus effective, with 8 faders and pages.
but the PG1000 has a huge mouth, AC played on this quon in fact, direct access to the large number of parameters, cool!

the user manual is fairly brief, but adequate.
connections south are a bit obscure, but it's OK.

of course, editing a D50 without PG1000 is possible, but we must recognize that this programmer to create ten times.

the knobs are aging well, but are somewhat fragile, take care!

do not put it on the corner of your D50, space is limited and it will hide the envelope diagrams and structures.
it was possible (even planned) on JX3, 8.10 P, but the place was not the same.
has put the side, as a complement, and DIY!
is exhilarating, and made for that!
rare and expensive machinery.
replace the existing softwares well anyway, even if the rating system is not funnier: D

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