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Thread New Multitrack Audio Interface? Just found this, not really sure if I want to buy it

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1 New Multitrack Audio Interface? Just found this, not really sure if I want to buy it
So I've been looking for a really long time for a multitrack recording solution for my computer, so that I can avoid the learning curve of a self-contained digital multitracker.

the only problem is the prices...I've been hard-pressed to find anything like this under $500. So tonight I was just about to give up entirely, and I stumbled across a kind of poorly-designed looking website of a company called Affordable Musical Endeavors, which claims to manufacture a 7-channel USB interface, called the MultiCord.

My question is if anyone in here has bought one of these, and is it a good product? I'm a little suspicious of the fact that the business just opened (or so the website says) and that the price is so low...$100

I'm torn on whether or not I should take the plunge and try one out...I mean it's not as top-notch as some of the alesis io units and so forth, but when I e-mailed the owner of this place he said that for a price the units could be "custom built to include xlr connectors, phantom power, and other user-specific features."

Anyway, the website is www.affordablemusicalendeavors.net23.net, maybe if you've stumbled across it, the picture will jog your memory.
Hey - I am not sure about this interface. The main problem will be available drivers for future updates...but then a lot of 'big' manufacturers are quite sloppy about this as well. Just aks yourself how many inputs you really need...

Here is a test I found googling... http://www.musicgearreview.com/reviews.php?man=Affordable%20Musical%20Endeavors&cat=Recording_Gear&mod=Multicord%20USB%20Interface

For me - I would be missing XLR ins - so put into consderation having to maybe buy very specific cables to connect your mics...that will cost more money as well. Also some interfaces are bundled with very cool software...