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Thread Audio interface makes noise

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1 Audio interface makes noise
I am trying to record guitar directly through my Tascam US-100, however this little dude is making a hiss noise and it is very audible when I add distortion to the guitar.
Even if I disconnect the guitar wire from the audio interface, the hiss noise tone and level is exactly the same.

At first I thought that it's because my audio interface sucks, so I bought a 24Bit Akai eie pro, however the noise level and tone is exactly the same with this one too.

So I guess it's a problem indipendant from the audio interface....
How do I fix this?
Would a power filter help?

Here's how it sounds:
Hi there,
Is your audio interface connected directly to your computer via USB ? Did you try plugging your guitar with another cable ? Is there a ground lift switch on the interface ?
Cheers !
Yes, it is connected directly via USB.
Yes, I have tried other cables, but the noise is pretty much the same even if the guitar and cable are not plugged in at all.
There is no ground lift switch on the interfaces.
Though there is a seperate ground connection on the Tascam US-100. I tried connecting this ground with a wire, but that changed absolutely nothing.

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then it might just come from your monitors...
No, it has nothing to do with my monitors. The noise is recorded the same whether I am using my speakers or my headphones.