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Thread UA Apollo or Apogee Ensemble and why?

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1 UA Apollo or Apogee Ensemble and why?
Just wondering, if you could afford both, which would you choose and why? These are imho a couple of the best out there, but if you have another comparable one you'd prefer, which one and why?

Personally I feel like I would stick to the apollo, as I'm a huge fan of UA's plugins and am familiar with their gear and can't remember the last time (if ever) that they let me down. However, the super-low latency and other features of the Ensemble sound intriguing. Which would you choose?
This is one of those 'just for fun' questions that have no clear answer. It all depends on your unique needs in the studio. For example, do you reamp or see yourself reamping a lot? Do you already have a bunch of plugins? Outboard gear? Do you frequently record artists in a different room?

The Ensemble comes with a whole bunch of bells and whistles, but why get it if you aren't going to use them? I will admit, if you're a guitarist or often record guitarists, the built-in circuits in the ensemble are nothing short of amazing. The Apollo is a tank and its flexibility allows it to adapt to most people's studio needs, but you'll most likely have to invest in pres as it has half as many as the ensemble (correct me if I'm wrong).

Each has it's own strengths and advantages. They're both well-built and have low latency (they better, at that price), but have additional unique features to cater to certain styles. I would compare and contrast what each has, what each doesn't have, and choose the one that checks the most boxes. Also, if you don't have many pres and already have a few decent plugins, I'd consider the Antelope Zen. Cheers.
Apollo till I die. UA just keeps churning out quality, stable gear with the best plugins on earth therefore I will side with team UA until my dying days
That's a really tough choice, as they're both superb products. You really have to analyze your needs and see which of their feature sets works best with your setup and needs. Personally, I'd be thrilled with either one.:bravo: