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M.F.B. Filterbox
M.F.B. Filterbox
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Publié le 09/22/07 à 06:37
LPF 8 squenable not.

The characteristics of particulires Filter Box are
Analog -Filtering, 24dB
-Synchro MIDI
-Squenage 8 of 8 no cutoff values ​​of independent entrance
-Filtering Stro

Style Case MFB, ie plastic and fiber faade, very artisanal or garagesque. Moderately hardwearing connections. Although having had no worries Until now, I doubt the longevity of the catch.


I bought pricipalement for its function squenage. I connect my behind Synth 2. The mine does not cause so much breath, but that of a friend gnre significantly. Cel apparently seems to be a variable rsultante MFB ...

No memorization of parameters, each knobs must be place at time t. Simplicity efficiency no node to the brain. However, it can memorize the type of squenage (manual, taped, ext MIDI RESOLUTION with 4, 8 or 16 steps, note, etc ...)

The knobs although cheap appearance are quite soft, except when "scrape" on the facade ... oops thinking adjust (classical in MFB, always)


Filtering at the same seems very wrong to me it, not fantastically warm, but good quality. I think it is wanted, cel order not dnaturer the original sound of the synth (dj filtered in general), because the advantage of Filter Box is Besides my eyes. With rglages contour, attack and decay, there's some way to get Nevertheless many nice sonorits.
It is when it is launched squenage that all comes to life. And the Filter Box comes into its own, very interesting when the Threshold fiddles and glide.

The rsonance on the other hand do not like it, personal perspective. It gnre a whistle that quickly becomes aggressive, difficult dosing. I prefer the softer rso, so not a fan myself. Anyway, know that there is way to do whistling very stridante fawn, may serve and some love.


I use it for 1 month (when I had bought 2 years ago!).

The peculiarity is that I prefer squenage function that can revive a comatose pattern, I love. What I like least is manufacturing quality Gnrale just correct.

He does and is, my first stand-alone filter.

Very proper qualitprix report. This is not the weapon of the century, but it is very interesting for occasional use.

With the experience, I think I would choose a squenc filter but I do not know if I would take the Filter Box. I chose the era for its price today, I think I would look for something a cut above both dsormais on, thanks to the Filter box, I need a filter type in my set. For now the Filter Box enough.