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arnoldorodeo 01/17/2014

Pultec EQP-1 : arnoldorodeo's user review

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Technology lamps.


No manual, just empirical: We do everything by ear as cases to be treated.


I pricipalement used on vocals. Then I rebooste kicks, synths, guitars and acoustic bass. Lately on stems, return in Pro Tools.


I use since August 2013. A small adjustment period is necessary because there is a tendency to start to add in more than enough, knowing that EQ is used sparingly.
Why this review? Sound: Here's what I can share with you in terms of sensations: The Pultec subtractive removes any feeling of aggressive medium inherent in some digital processing (I get to remix tracks sometimes inadequate, often very aggressive, "harsh "say the Anglo-Saxon). To give a little air on vocals (12k or more) is a pure delight. I use it more on stems to put some items in my mixes, this playing on the midrange frequencies that add a je ne sais quoi, a patina very nice, warm, analog and some would say.
In the end, very complementary with EQ Neve or SSL because of those three is the Pultec sweetness incarnate.