Avid Mbox 3 Pro
Avid Mbox 3 Pro

Mbox 3 Pro, FireWire audio interface from Avid in the Mbox series.

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ericthegreat 09/25/2011

Avid Mbox 3 Pro : ericthegreat's user review

« pro tools is a must »

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Mbox Pro with Pro Tools 8,What can you say,Avid went all out on this Bundel, pair it up with the MC Control and you have a professional Home Studio. The MC Control is sweet all the keys are maped for you right out of the box. I also use The Mbox Pro with Sonar-X1 Producer with the Roland VS-700c. And sometime Pro Tools 8 with the RME Babe Face works well together. The Mbox Pro and the RME clock sync together perfect. I have Pro Tools and Sonar-X1 Producer in sync together for the best of both worlds. If you wan't the best sound for your home studio pick up this Bundel.


I am not sure how many tracks you can record with simultaneously i only have used up to 4. I am also at almost 0 latency!!


It isn’t the easiest program to run, any one that uses pro tools knows how hard it was to get started, it took me a while and im still learning. The mbox did give me a few problems at first because it wouldn’t sync right. But after I finally got it up and running I was extremely happy. So after a few days I was running great, but even to this day im learning pro tools and its still surprises me.


Overall, Protools 9 is bringing the heat to the DAW scene with impeccable attention to detail. you don't even have to have the box connected to finish or continue editing on the go and for me thats Amazing worth every single penny I love it so much, and have no complains about the M Box pro, this is coming from someone who used to use a 888/24 before hand , but I am very happy with this package overall. Avid surprised us all with this and I hope they continue to do upgrades and updates online for free or for at least a cheap price. Because we all have to have pro tools its industry standard.