Hercules 16/12 FW
Hercules 16/12 FW

16/12 FW, FireWire audio interface from Hercules.

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rytmic 04/18/2009

Hercules 16/12 FW : rytmic's user review


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The number of
home studio
AT THE TIME Athlon 2.2GHz
cubase, Newt


Simple enough


Driver not stable hyper
a latency of 8 to 10


Map buys and keeps a week after one hour of taff, the power supply of the card cut.
So reignition card with loss of sync, so we restart the PC and company!
crachouilles few knobs of from time to time, in short everything to return very soon!
This map shows well but is that the wind, the same stuff would have REAL version was parfaite.je hello street trade fai very promptly the exchange without question, I think of ailleurd they are used to of Hercules defective.
I put 2 because I consider the product misleading.
I never would do that choice!