Hercules 16/12 FW
Hercules 16/12 FW

16/12 FW, FireWire audio interface from Hercules.

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AlexisL 03/22/2007

Hercules 16/12 FW : AlexisL's user review


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I return as promised (a little late) fill me several months of use APRS
Bought ... for many of his! recording (multitrack, although sr) concert and the home studio.
Configuration: Laptop ASUS A6BG (Centrino 1.6 GB, 1GB RAM, firewire port internal, external hard drive USB2)
Reli midi keyboard on Matra.


Installation flawless on my setup, and following the instructions included with the CD (version 2, with firmware update).
No incompatibility with me, configuration software for 4 -10 meters, rglage symtrique / asymtrique via software, for meters, monitoring a few brief (you can monitor that a pair of, if you must use the patch assignment of inputs / outputs and it's all or nothing, no possible level .. so it must be through another grate program (Cubase, etc. ..)
config easy, clear guide on paper!
Some bugs sometimes, but once the rec launched in multitrack, I still had to Plantade (thankfully!)


No problem for the moment with current drivers, if not using at the same time and in asio mode is plantogne multimedia, so you have to force windows not to use it for sounds multimedia.
Test Cubase, Live, does not work on Plant (senseomusic)
17 + 12 tracks read in 5ms latency recording with Cubase before saturation on my internal hard drive (5200 rounds!)
BMOL on a big card entries ... attention to the configs and complex problem of mass, with the use of power supply pluseieurs dcoupage, you really monitor tracks before starting the rec because I t Confront the problem twice of my interferences by plugging in analog consoles dcoupage alim. The problem seems to disappear in RIAS alim dcoupage my laptop ... must know, and not have too long to register if the pb Submitted!


I for more than six months, and the ratio quality / price is simply amazing, as long as the card works stable configuration Pc!
The only worry is that it's a bit of Russian roulette after the comments I've read.
Mac, it's apparently not yet (could not test ...).
The big problem is the big book with dcoupage power supply, which is really cheap and probably undersized (the card heats up when even a little, ate the inside!).
Apparently this is THE big problem of the card, lots of world does require a new transformer to apply for Hercules, who returns for free at the end ... a time / time uncertain!
So mfiance on problem area / mass ...
One solution would be to the isolation transformers on all inputs, ground breaking, but has become the CHRE concerver seeing if a minimum of quality ...
I'll get a true transformer power supply compatible, see if a problem does not rsoudrait. Adj Someone tried?