Hercules 16/12 FW
Hercules 16/12 FW

16/12 FW, FireWire audio interface from Hercules.

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Pat.Rick 04/12/2012

Hercules 16/12 FW : Pat.Rick's user review

«  Shame it has become a scam with temp »

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The wide choice of inputs and outputs is what motivated me to be buying. The aesthetic is as much for whatever interface noon to critectere been a priority.

I never used the Hercules with a mixer. Yet it is recommeded to do, and I know that the result will have been much better.

I used it mainly to record my bass (Ibanez SR800, Yamaha TRB6P2 among others) or guitatre. The expendeur controlled midi also going through the sound card.

Configue of my time been:

CM: Asus A7V600-x / after: Asus A7V800
CPU: AMD XP 2500 + Athmon Barthon (OC to 3200 +)
RAM: Kingston Hyper X DDR1400 case (2x1GB then 4x1Go)
Your HD: WD Raptor 70GB (system) and many others for stocage ranging from 80GB to (250-500GB)
PSU: CoolerMaster M620 Realpower


The driver is stable, but no driver for use with a System of eploitation 64bit will be available. So forget Vista64, Seven64 and OSx64. The manufacturer announced that it clearly is not worth having hope in one day.

I give it 4 instead of 8 because of that.

If there was any time of latency, we must know that I used with expendeur external PC for just avoids the problem of latency, audio lag.


The instalation is almost no problem with operating a relatively long procedure. Following the well indicated (not complicated, turn off, turn etc ...) the instalation is very easy.

Must be configured after all, and it becomes a little more delicate, anything not rocket science either. M-AUDIO example seems less intuitive to configure. Now, we must know that a grip is not needed anything too long.

I spent some of the manual is saying.


I used it very little because my OS64 bit prevented from using it.

I have not used a lot of Pro sound card before aquerir. However I was given to instaler and test other model.

What I prefer is flexibilitée ca. Namely, with all inputs output, which has paramettre wish with great ease, the possibilities are enormous. May have to use it to listen to 5 or 7.1 for example.

The value for money itself was correct. However, I knew at that time only Hercules will not give themselves little effort on drivers instalation. And compared to this, the price was not justified. I NEVER buy more product from Hercules, whether in music Pro, or other Multimetia.

NO if I knew, I have waited 6 months to the M-AUDIO, and I will not get that impression of having thrown my money out the window. since then I look at my Hercules in the eye without the power used, and did not want to scam quelqun, I do not intend to sell.