M-Audio ProFire 2626
M-Audio ProFire 2626
kojejefroots 06/10/2013

M-Audio ProFire 2626 : kojejefroots's user review

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The number of I / O analog, ADAT, and thus its versatility

I use it mainly for the live with ableton live, mainstage, to treat and sampler guitars, percussion and voice in real time.
Studio with logic ... to make my models and my Semples.

Mac book pro i5, 8GB RAM
4 preamp presonus
1 Mackie 1642 VLZ3


The drivers are extremely stable under mac osx, no stall
However, avoid the hard drive standard on the firewire card ... This is an option that fucks the m ... (Cracking stall), whose designer could have happened.

For long had previously PC must be on the Texas Instruments firewire chipset ... If the card is not reliable ...
Outside it is quite easy to change a Firewire card on a turn, but if it is a laptop, it's better to have mass (which can not be verified until after purchase)
So if you want to run with a laptop ... Better mac (according to the M-Audio technical support at the time.

So I did change my computer config accordingly (mac book pro) and no problem since in terms of stability.

I foncionne up with track 24 on stage, and no stability problems or cracking ...

Buffer to 64 samples
Deferred entry to 3.9 ms
ditto output

Top this level for the stage.

I put 9 because given the diversity of component quality for laptops, it was difficult to make something that works on all ... The M-audio engineers, have therefore calibrated to the standard apple which is consistent.


RAS at this level, it has always worked well


4 years

I tested the RME Fireface, better, but too expensive for my budget

For those who find the light preamps, simply multiply the budget by 2 or 3, that's all (we do not make the prod with a sound card 500 €!). For live or home studio use, this is perfect.

number of i / o,
the rack format (1 U 19 ")
low latency, can breath, if you know how to use preamps reasonably.
robustness (should the racket)
16 adat inputs outputs

The -

apparent fragility of the connection of the power supply (one pin 3 and the transformer inside would have been more suited to the "rack" size, ditto for the firewire port ... Requests to be careful

I'm looking for one or two used to work in stand alone ... (24 / O)