M-Audio ProFire 2626
M-Audio ProFire 2626
zoual 07/23/2010

M-Audio ProFire 2626 : zoual's user review

«  Well designed, with decent preamps »

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Specifications have motivated my choice: 8 preamps, all fed a 48 v, a rich connection (optical / digital interface software that came with the 2626 very simple and yet complete, which can route all flows (26/26 d Hence the name of the interface) ...

I use it in two contexts: first, to make recordings (fairly simple) classical training, 4 or 5 mics), with Logic Pro which fully recognizes the Profire after the driver installed.

The other use for the composition, still under Logic, with virtual instruments and one or two votes.

The Balance Sheet: I left a small Edirol FA-66, which made me the service I wanted but stayed just a little number of inputs, and excellent, really good preamps and neutral for this price range, all equipped with comprehensive functionality (the routing function from the dedicated software is really perfect). In short, for this type of product compared to the price is really excellent.


Drivers perfectly stable with Logic, not a crash two weeks of intensive use. I recorded five audio tracks for several hours without any difficulty will meet today (MacBookPro 2.56 GHz / DSS). The latency is almost non-existent.


The driver installation is required, and takes a few minutes after downloading the latest version from the manufacturer's website. The breakout cable (MIDI, digital coaxial) is provided.

The manual is well done, with very clear diagrams to include routing, which is a function that is not necessarily used to meet in this kind of range: all functions are not accessible from the front of the ProFire, and with this configuration software that can complete all the possibilities, OSX is a module of system preferences. Perfectly integrated.


I had not tried other models before buying, and urgency (I had to record a concert a few weeks - the occasion makes the thief), and I hesitated with equivalent models Motu , Presonus.
I do not regret that choice, I have been advised by a salesman that I know and who I trusted.
I especially like the right pair that form the interface with the pair of Rode NT5 I just bought.
I did not tell her yet found fault. Perhaps rotating the front they could be surrounded by a ring indicating more precisely the values (the graduations are not very visible). A little more light could be more detailed level, but these are sufficient with a "green" signal and a "red" peak.
Excellent product.