MOTU 828 Mk2
MOTU 828 Mk2

828 Mk2, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

FP User 10/31/2008

MOTU 828 Mk2 : FP User's user review


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Nothing missing, in fact, it has extra that comes in very handy. I like to purchase equipment based on whether the equipment can be used for production and live. With the 828mkII, you get a free mixer practically! There are 4 mix channels and slots to save mixing presets. So you can have a "Studio" for a headphone mix and another for Monitoring, then just load a "Live" preset for when you go gigging. CueMix has saved me $80.

Price paid



The learning curve is next to nothing. The MOTU 828mkII comes with software for your PC to control anything with a better user interface. Given the limited size of the LCD on the 828mkII, it's a bit hard figuring where things are at first, but using the PC interface, you'll get a good idea and won't find it tough the next time you use the LCD. It comes with ASIO and MME drivers and you can run both concurrently. If you're running your sequencer using the ASIO drivers, you can still run, say, Winamp thru the MME drivers.


Just looking at the construction of the thing tells you it can take a beating... but who'd want to beat a $750 piece of gear with lights in it? You got your wife for that! :P I've only had it for almost a month and I take extra care of any gear, if an accident were to happen, I'm sure as hell confident it'll survive.


The sound quality is prestine. Recording at 96kHz/24-bit has great improved the overall sound of any recording. Recording in 96kHz better captures waveforms more accurately. 24-bit allows for more digital processing without any noticeable degradation/data loss. All plugs are gold-plated, reducing any possibly of radio/noise interference (of course, hi-quality TRS/XLR cables to help A LOT!) If you're a perfectionist, 96kHz won't be enough(386kHz!). But 96kHz is beyond practical, and if your machine can't handle this, there's 88.2kHz... which is twice more samples/sec. than an ordinary CD.

First of all, it's black, sleek, green and blue lights and an occasional red light when you're clipping... I went from the M-Audio Quattro to this and instantly my recordings sounded better, my production time quicker. If I were given the choice between 10 Digidesign Digi 002 Rack and just one MOTU 828mkII... I'll just take the MOTU (well, take the Digis, sell them all and get more MOTUs!!) It looks good, works excellent, and it's versatile... if I moved to Arkansas, I'd marry this thing!

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