MOTU 828 Mk2
MOTU 828 Mk2

828 Mk2, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

damballah 07/19/2005

MOTU 828 Mk2 : damballah's user review


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I wanted to work in 24/96. After long eyeing the Echo Layla I switched to the Motu for the Entire indpendance its ES. I have an AMD 2000 + 700 PC2700 RAM and 120 HD 7200 RPM Gde. Nothing more current trs last. I used W98 and prcdemment MXi isis and Windows XP (Sound forge) for mastering. I was looking for XP as a compatible card.


Review 2 months later

As for me I solved this problem pops plays beeps by changing motherboard / FW card.
I have the ASUS VIA KT400 based (A7V8X). I replaced (69 euros) by Deluxe A7N8X-E, the same + FireWire chipset and Nvidia. Everything is gone and I tested extensively since in 4 stereo tracks in 24/96.

In fact my first FW card seemed to be the cause of the parasites in the Motu because I got rid of parasites that by using the FW port Integrated motherboard.

Yet I do not care for the acquisition through the first video card which FW chipset is Texas Instrument! .

This time I tested my first loves motherboard with another card to remove FW history all the harm I could say the VIA chipset.

Finally there is always that it works!
Notice a month later
The nightmare began when I tried to reinstalled the PC (Describes below) to honor the MOTU as it should be!
APRS a clean reinstall of Windows XP all the audio jacks that I have parasites by clicks, pops and grsillements due to a parasite Lers every 5 seconds. Obviously this problem is thoroughly document all audio forums of the world and causes Provided vary incredibly.
There are those who have a FW card chipset VIA (ca Motu UNSUPPORTED but points out)
There are those who have a motherboard via a base dechipset (ca Motu not reported)
and in my case!
I have an ASUS
A7V8X VIA KT400 chipset
These chipsets have a bad PCI BUS rgl!
It's been a month now that I'm in the BIOS and the PCI LATENCY SETTING THE TIMER
I record it and I go ... not that!
****** DAY NOTICE ****
Installation is weird but effective. first the drivers and the connection ...

I chose an installation Rodeo? I have a dual boot for W98 and XP ISIS trsmauvais state for the rest (I must reffer the partition).
I simply install the drivers on the two platforms without uninstall Previous sound cards, DAW do rglages prconiss around ...

Note that on W98 drivers were not installed. I suspect the Maxi Isis asserrvir of the audio components of Windows
Xp on the other hand, the sound card AC97 q intgree thing has not mufti and Motu silent DTECT right the way.
You ais I signal that I was careful to buy a TI FW card and no metter no service pack on XP?


On a PC / XP SX dglingue me about a 12/11 ms latency. Phew dcoiffe ca.
For the rest


I've had one day so the rest will wait