MOTU 828 Mk2
MOTU 828 Mk2

828 Mk2, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

chupachups 10/20/2004

MOTU 828 Mk2 : chupachups's user review


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See data sheet contains the site.

comes with a cable outlet and a long firewire cable (it is not the case with other manufacturer).

very nice rack, the box is of good quality manufacturing (outside ;-)), no fiuriture, look serious / professional.


Supra super easy! frankly my ca bleufe (even compared to the m-audio)! Jai laptop compaq Windows 2000 512 meg of ram, SP4, ...

If you have a NEC firewire card, the machine may have issues (everything works, but very LIGHT bugs tps tps in accordance with the documentation motu) ... frankly I have ben sake! I have a FW connection NEC!

I ordered a Belkin FW (Texas Instrument chipset) and of AC works great, quality recording and playback and perfect .. hard disk adds in the back of the sound card ... any concern for perf, quite the contrary! it's really great! What a difference with this new Firewire card!


The drivers seem to me super stable, consolidated 7mega CPU under Windows 2000
little update driver on the MOTU site, it shows the quality of the sound card!

Cubase with no problems at the same 24 tracks and 4 tracks tps register / / the access to external hard disk is very very fast! I AM BLEUFER and yet I have a FW410 card MAUDIO which was already very very good!

The recording that goes really well! converters are excellent! The card does not make noise, and the MOTU support responds very quickly to the phone as by email

I load the machine, the card etc ... full track simultaneous record .. perfect! no prob Perf.


I wanted to replace my FW410 because I did not have the analog input, a promotion allowed me to buy the MOTU for almost the same price as the FW1814 .... and although I have no regrets! THE SOUND IS! converters quality is good (above the M-audio), the machine makes no noise! The buttons may be a bit small and it is easily lost in the navigation on the small LCD screen ... m'enfin you can also use the soft version of 'console' from your computer and frankly the interface is super simpler, more intuitive than the mixer M-audio.

However, there are far fewer options! So was you! qd was good even mix the table that virutel MAUDIO book and then there's a nice bundle of software with the m-audio not found with MOTU (for PC owners course! because MAC is a very good soft type CUBASE DELIVERED.).

The result of my mix is ​​really impressive, the sound is loud and clear (there are very many different sounds), high frequencies are very very well made! On a synth sound CS 80V is present (in all different frequencies etc ...) with the M-Audio!

The drum track as the drums (after adjustment boosts from the sound card) are very dynamic.

I do not regret this purchase at all!