PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

rens666 11/02/2014

PreSonus FireBox : rens666's user review

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I was looking for a firewire audio interface of good quality at a fair used to replace an aging fire Terratec DMX avit price that allowed me to teach me computer music in cubase vst 5.0. Next step I wanted to continue on Linux with Ardour / Hydrogen and I read on the internet that cartye worked well both on Windows / Mac and Linux dond towards the right corner and I have invested in this map.
The computer level I tested initially on Windows XP with a dual-core / 2GB Ram Cubase SX and then I moved to Linux (Tango Studio 2.2, with Ardour 3) I record guitars / bass with SansAmp GT2 and a battery via hydrogène yet. Its nickel hardware recognized under Tango studio carefree ....


no need for drivers under Debian, it is allowed to Windaube lol


On Windows XP after installing the drivers the hardware is recognized without any problems. Linux (computer music-oriented Distribution Tango Studio) I put a little more time but after the proper setting in the Jack server no worries ...


I would do the same choice without worries, compared to my expectations perfectly adequate ... I am not a professional sound and have absolutely no intention of becoming one.