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music007 music007
Publié le 05/04/06 à 19:42
I wanted a good quality external card for my laptop, there is one year, but with both low latency, good pramplis with a minimum 2entres out, and if possible to license worthy of the name soft before then later pass on a big station chre very kind Pro tools HD ...
The use of this station prcis is twofold: Secure the sound reinforcement systems and record all auquels concerts I attend during my work ... And occasionally respond to requests for records friend musicians and technicians who see the map ...
My congif is: Dell 6000 with processor 1, 6GHz, 2gig Ram 7200 DD / min, FW800 LaCie external HD with 160 Gig coupled to a PCMCIA card LaCie FW800 and 400 ...
C works very well.
I have already had the opportunity to record a classical percussion training with Shoeps for a very long day, RAS if not 2 total crashes innexpliqus but given my config, it is easy to know aps which beugu. I recorded 44.1 24 Bit, because of space on my hard drive.
I also did 2 rec 2 qt grateux and bass players with rhythmic squence stalling ... We went directly Guitar and bass in the card (thank you High Impedance, not to desoin DI). I put a short rverb, a small compressor, my pasta were delighted they had never heard their guitars ... Ringer as I did in 24/96, with 5 ms latency voluntarily and a very good market.
I have prfr another soft Cubase LE, rather Nuendo, but hey, for the price even when I put 10 ...
Since April 05 I recorded DIFFERENT concerts, you have to be careful even when the crtage when we tickle the 0dB Fs in between ... It twists nasty ...
I recorded Raman Sushella the other day, just one of the outputs console matrix, with 2 AKG 414 in hall ambience, mlang with the matrix of the console ... the fact downright. The result is surprising ... It is necessary that the prciser ing sound Sushella (Maxime), it works very well, and the system was well cal ...


The installation is made in the store because I wanted to be on incompatibility without buying a card with my computer, and no problem.
The config is very simple !!!! You can not do better!
The manual is simple but not the limits of the accuracy of all cards.
I wish I can do this with the 5.1 output card !!!! It's too bte. It would be perfect !!!


I had a concern for stability after a inintrrompu use of 10 H. It's not bad, right? Otherwise no concern !!
I have not yet update the drivers.
I use the cubaseLE but I would love to buy a Native Pyramix, which costs a little more than one card, so I'll wait.
Latency will ask me no problem.
It's always a shame that the 5.1 is not possible, given the quality Gnrale, would have been the icing on the cake ...


I use it for one year.

What I like most is the quality of the converters combines the quality of pramplis. Before making twist pramplis, then back really very strong inside.
The internal routing is quite nice, with the combinations of intressante monitoring. There is also the real prampli headphone that is really very good quality fishing in general ... There is no breath whether between or output.
Almost hear the same thing in between and output. It colors a bit, but as Neve prmplis ... It adds us some harmonics of odd, but it's really lightweight, so we will not complain.

What is missing is the possibility to assign the 5.1 release, as I said. Given the quality of the converters and output amplifiers that's too bad.

I cherch a sound card for a month, asking all my colleagues, and I fell by chance on it, I bought the store saw the First of the characteristics of this card because there was an app that takes little prs the road with Cubase LE. I found what i was looking came except for the 5.1. You can not have your cake and eat it too ... the crmire

I think I would do the same choice, given the price.
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