PreSonus FP10
PreSonus FP10

FP10, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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papayoulélé 10/26/2005

PreSonus FP10 : papayoulélé's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
All dj t said about the characteristics.
Too bad the chaining of two units deprives us of the e / s spdif.
A BNC word clock connector would have been welcome.


Simple and quick problem. You just find the right Parameter cpu to overcome any crack.


Drivers stable.
The updates have long waiting, s hope their development more REGULAR henceforth. The latest driver / firmware seems to pose a problem to some, I was going very well.
4ms latency audio with 20-track playback and some treatment. Not complain ...


Since then, six months, is going well ...
What bothers me:
-Of Knobs a fragile hair (hand level crachotte some)
-Of Preamps certainly good for this price range, better than a motu eg but a bit artificial (Chinese tell us any claret) and some just for the softer sources. Static is made in china evittera to add to them which may accentuate the artificial ct upper-medium and sing lullabies in a dynamic.
-the Absence of internal routing path by forcing materielle suffer latency, however small it may be in the musicians returns or s'quiper a splitter not really inexpensive and a mixing desk ind pending. Too bad.
What I like:
-The Overall quality compared to the price, convertos very honntes the trick mix knob.