PreSonus FP10
PreSonus FP10

FP10, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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swingmaster 11/22/2004

PreSonus FP10 : swingmaster's user review


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I wanted to have good converters 8, 8 pramplis good quality latency below 8 ms recording (trs virtual instruments used and stable drivers.
My goal to be able to register a silent drums and vocals, bass and all other instruments given t love me to rub in my studio or on scne without lugging with me pramplis, housings to live and all the trimmings. In addition I am plutt Fauch ...
My computer is running Windows XP SP1 and the processor is a bit viellt, an Athlon 1800 + 1.5 Ghz, 2 hard disks one for the system and software and one for audio data (essential if you do not want clicks and other problems)


The facility is also exemplary with a total of 3 minutes and for any follow-up and that is all!
The configuration summary is trs and that is fine. The only BMOL is the failure to patch leisure inputs and outputs is ending for change but it seems (at Presonus same source)


I have never seen as stable of drivers on PC, that is simple, I 've never been simply crash for 1 month! Must say that my system is only ddi music and I never install any software from plugins.
I use it with 5 microphones which 3 foods to save a 48V battery. Low in direct contact with software compressor insert, a guitar with "Guitar Rig" in insert and a voice, and with it all, keep yourself well, only 4 ms of latency! to benefit from the monitoring software with "Cubase LE" which is also included! (Only 24bits/48Khz because my computer is not powerful enough otherwise)


With daily use for one month, I'll tell you frankly, I worked long on Apogee Rosetta converters and I find this card very close trs ism at the sound, I prf re even those of a 888. buried the Delta 44, and other Digi001 Motu. I told myself that I could never be as good quality without selling the skin of my buttocks, and well I'm really surprised.
If there was one thing that I will have wished that we amliore more on this map, it would be the pramplis, which are perfect for scne perfectible but for the studio, but this price l c 'is frankly impossible task! Anyway this card really opens the door of his career thanks to the common man's converters.
Report qualitprix no competition as given that the competitor is the RME Firewire 800 which is worth double!
Listen 24bits/96Khz this card and you don 't be amazed, I guarantee it!