arnoldorodeo 03/13/2013

Prism Sound Orpheus : arnoldorodeo's user review

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You buy what kind of sound card only to optimize the sound recording in a DAW. The Prism can record high resolution, has channels spdif, adat etc ... thank you refer to their site to look at all the specifications.


You download the software from the small site Prism: It can control the USB channel levels as inputs, outputs, resolution ... Quick install mac os 10.6.8.


I will now go to the heart of the matter: If you already have a sound card (digi 003 in my case), the resell because it will no longer be of any use!
Orpheus is really a machine that is not partageuse: What trouble for six months in connection with my Digi 003 via SPDIF, the Prism Clock master, classical resolution 96kHz/24-bit. That crashes Pro Tools, no stability, hell.
I am committed to my MacBook Pro cabler directly with Orpheus and then miracle more crashes.
In conclusion, stick to the said share No firewire other than Orpheus in your system otherwise beware!


I'll end up being just you and evoking the sound: Significant improvement in all my arrangements from the Orpheus Master Clock. An adjustment period is necessary because you will not recognize nor your speakers or your usual settings. The Prism is so transparent that any jurisdiction, including defects. Therefore, the obligation to have a audio chain "concrete" and perfect acoustics!
I've seen and read a lot of nonsense on this subject: The Prism is not a magic box in which you get your tracks and it shows a tube ... The Prism, reasoning by contrast, you just prevents damage to your work come home a clean and come out in "post-recording" a clean sound that's all and it's already very good. Such equipment improves your computer's ability to understand, calculate and faithful to the end of the chain you save point bar.