zebib 12/22/2013

Prism Sound Orpheus : zebib's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this card for about 1 month.

I owned a MOTU 828 MKII Aunsi a RME Fireface UC and I wanted to change my set-up

lack can be XLR outputs


The drivers are not so stable as Motu or Rt. Similarly for sync.
Motu and Rt are truly Plug and Play. Prism parameterization and requires a lot of help on the site is succinct. I have a little anxiety the stall and worse than that, I wonder if I fully exploit the sound potential of the beast.

Latency is not so good as the RME and Motu.

I can not get down to 32 buffers under penalty of crunches.


See above ;-)


The big plus of this card is sound and preamps.
In the past I've owned my Reverend with a pair of speakers K & H O300D (excellent) and then I felt like a new sound dimension with more depth and precision. Well today I feel the same with Orpheus: Everything is better defined, more precise, more relief and also more dynamic. Much better anyway and I see the instruments in the higher frequencies that were masked by my motu and my rm (eg subtle atmospheres cymbals ..)

You enter the audiophile!

Regarding preamps, they are highly transparent, very beautiful éeserve with dynamic gain. I pass without problem preamps (and I've owned Tubetech so I know the importance).

Quality / price? Before listening I thought wrong. I hesitated with Fireface UFX and Universal Audio Apollo.
After listening: Excellent quality / price ratio.
I remake this choice without hesitation.

Attention: This card makes you enter a new sound dimension It is therefore restricted to users who plan to complete the medium term upgrade their equipment if it is not up to this card. Consider a very good sound and very good speakers, if the potential of Orpheus does not speak at all!

It is a masterpiece and it must be well supported and well prepared, everything revolves around should be the height.