TC Electronic Impact Twin
TC Electronic Impact Twin
stompboxjon 01/11/2013

TC Electronic Impact Twin : stompboxjon's user review

« comes with Ableton  »

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The Twin is made by TC Electronic and it is a very simple interface to use with a lot of ins and outs. It is a 14 in and 14 out interface that has two great microphone preamps and comes with a few plug ins and Ableton software. I have used this interface with Abelton, Acid, Reason, FL Studio and a few other programs and it has worked fine with all of them. For a while this was the only interface that I had owned due to getting my home studio redone so I had to use it on my PC running Windows XP (at first) then on my Vista PC and it never gave me a single issue no matter which computer I ran it on or which software I ran it with. It seemed to be very versatile and had great preamps for it to be this price.


I love everything that TC Electronics puts out because it is always made with quality and they have great customer support. I have had some smaller issues with TC stuff in the past but the support people on the phone always walked me through it without paying a penny. This interface was great right out of the box and I had no issues with installing and the drivers where very stable.


This interface was small and compact, the manual was clear and sufficient (though it was a lot of pages and I don’t understand why). All of the main and basic functions of this interface are easy to use and work with. If you use Ableton than this interface will pretty much automatically work and you will not have to do anything if you install the Ableton that comes with it and follow the instructions you will be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.


This interface is compact and small, it gives a great quality and the preamps are clean and warm. This unit should cost about 50 dollars more than what it does considering the quality of the preamps and how universal the interface is with other software and computers.