TC Electronic Impact Twin
TC Electronic Impact Twin
RickD 10/25/2013

TC Electronic Impact Twin : RickD's user review

«  Very clean, complete »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I chose this model for its comprehensive connectivity (XLR, TRS jacks, digital coaxial, ADAT, MIDI) and the fact that it can operate without a computer and therefore live (preamp, compressor, reverb). And it's the TC I already had the G-Force, very clean, I have not been disappointed by the Impact Twin.

Note that there are two headphone outputs on the front 6.35mm, one that mute the analog outputs, the other not, and the volume is at the front, stereo, and mono sidechain. All this is very well thought out.


Once TC has had problems with drivers, but it's been that that's settled. Today, Windows 7 64 bit, I have no problem with her. SHIFT are not very common but it is also because there is no need to SHIFT ...

I have so far not used the card to save on PC other than for a comparison test between my two preamps SPL Channel One and my Roland VS-2480.
I can not say how it behaves with Pro Tools multitrack etc. but I know that it is recognized and everything seems to work as it should.


No installation on Windows XP 32-bit or Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit problem.
I can not find clear archi manual but you get it to work, feeling a little.


I've had two or three years.
I use it as a PC audio output to listen to music on my JBL LSR 2325P with balanced cables Vovox Sonorus and the sound is very clean and detailed.

The value for money is excellent (I had priced USA, must say). The preamps are very good, the headphone outputs are also good.

For size etc. is there a more complete and versatile, and quality TC is already proven all, I think.

Note that in theory should be a Firewire card that does not use VIA chipset but rather Texas Instruments. So chips Firewire Asus boards usually do not work with this card. I bought a no-name card $ 4 and it works nickel.