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ssl01 07/03/2005

Alesis Multimix 16 USB : ssl01's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Okay, so obviously it Eput be rack with an optional I suppport n ais usefulness vx 16 'with xlr, d between gain and jacks) and 4 stereo (jack), 2 deprts / returns with the a section effects (very handy ...), we added a USB master routing to a computer (44.1)


Manuel clear top, it works like a traditional console evec solo, mute pfl special mention for the assignment "in group" and the many external outputs (tape in out, monotor, ain and mix in a group +)


The sound is very transparent and very "musical" to a console in this range, no breath (unless it all back ;-)) the eq is fulfilling its role, a handle with delicacy


I have the last two months of pre pourfaire prods and c is really very good, very musical, multi purpose Intgr can make "vx witnesses" with a small consignment of cool effects, it is robust (not to be the monotor volume knob has to be careful), I have tried many "mixers" or consoles I will say that n is not far from the quality of Mack for a price close to the behringer a very good report quality price Although n this is not a Neve, small details would be bienvennus (headphone output facade instead of the back, a solo flight, a flight headphone spar / monitor) that are only present on some deatails from other manufacturers but with less quality audio and manufacture + cheap, so I'm very happy with this purchase