Allen & Heath ZED-10FX
Allen & Heath ZED-10FX

ZED-10FX, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Allen & Heath in the ZED series.

stompboxjon 10/23/2012

Allen & Heath ZED-10FX : stompboxjon's user review

« No mute function »

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The ZED-10FX is made by Allen and Heath, it is a 10 channel mixer with 4 mic inputs and 3 stereo channels. There are about 15 or so effects built in to the ZED-10FX. All of the effects are a huge plus on this unit. Most of the time when companies come out with compact and portable mixers that don’t ever have on board effects, and the ones that do have on board effects are not very good. That is not the case with the ZED-10FX, all of the effects are great and makes this mixer worthwhile!


Setting it up was pretty quick, I used it for a few weeks over a year ago and remember how well it was built. I can see this thing holding up for years to come, and it is made out of solid material but it is still pretty light and can be easily took anywhere you take your mobile set up.


There are 3 band EQ and it connects to your computer through USB. One option that I wish it did have was a talk back feature. This feature would be a major plus for a DJ use, but I am not a DJ so it was not that big of a deal to me whether or not I had that feature on the ZED-10FX. Another downfall of the ZED-10FX is that there are no mute features. It is not common to have mute features on smaller mixers but since they put all those good effects on this mixer they should have just added the mute too.


This mixer does not generate any external sound as far as hissing or humming. It is very quiet and usable. The fact that this mixer is a USB mixer does effect some of the quality, but you can work around that and for the price you should not expect much more.