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M-Audio NRV10 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Is rack?

No, no rack available, even if the record indicates, a module optional racking, M-AUDIO this module does not exist. I contacted M-AUDIO asking them Why they leave publishing to publish false, my answer is that the Marketing and Sales had been advised of this omission.

- How many lanes, bus, auxiliary sends, returns ...)?
It is an 8 / 8 Full and torturing the problem can possibly play on words and say it's a 10/10 vote, which is false.
There is no group, strictly speaking, it was Send in the internal effects processor + For a Send to a external. It can therefore play on words and say we have 2 groups, but we do not do what we want.
there are 2 Aux Sends and 2 Aux Return and DFX return I think.

- What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)?
It's Jack or XLR

- The parametric equalizer is it?
Not the parametric equalizer is not, nor cutting up or cutting down.

- The effects section is integrated? ...
Yes There is a digital effect processor. It helps out the proper way.

For digital consoles:
- What is the accuracy of sampling (bits / kHz)?
Max 24Bit / 96K

- Automation is supported?
No automation

- What type of sync are supported? ...
No Sync ...


- The general configuration is simple?
Ultra Simple Analog In table is a delight, digital is simple and efficient, nothing to complain about it there.
We can do multitrack recording, but I find myself always made a deal in analog, then re-recorded track to track. Why it is effective.

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Yes, only the mix of instruments in the headphone for the singer, who is not intuitive at all. It must refer to this manual, to get there.
It was found that the re-mix with the Aux Send tracks which is not super convenient, but it still works well.

Release "Control Room" + "Main Mix" permit, to have 2 audio systems is quite handy. My recorder is the output "Main Mix", and my speakers on the output "Control Room". So I can listen directly to what I record with a 2nd amp out of the recorder.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Not sufficient, but clear, yes, we even have examples of usage, quite handy.
I'm still figuring out what are the 16 variations of Internal Digital Effect? Genre Vocal Plate, setting the diference between 4 and 10 is what? that's mysteries, the doc says it's increasingly hard .... Dragged to the caller of a reverb rhythm is much less convenient.
Therefore not sufficient.

I use it for all my compositons, and models, vraimant been no problem, it works without galleys.


- The console is transparent?
No, the preamp can have privileges for a resampler, a Revox B77 (Magneto Band), converting analogue / digital is not great either. I have not much reference to comparré, apart from a pro at 3500Euros Console. This problem did not gain, because I can climb up from the gain in Larsen's what the back as a signal preamp, CA Low medium and lack of Basse.Il must therefore compensate upstream and everything works perfectly.
I use a compressor to "leveling" to my re-samples
Say we must return to earth and at this price point, there was no equivalent of a console Pro Tools but a very effective and Polival.

- Introduced she breath?
It no, no audible breath, a wheezing Légé when an application just initialized the table. But Analog utilidation very, very can of breath. Soivent Plugins Tipe Overdrive or Overdrive are a thousand times more breath as the table. The top was no problem.
When my computer put it in standby (IMac 24 "), the table generates an ICT ICT ICT ICT regular, we must wake the computer from sleep to make it disappear.

- The equalizer is it effective? ...
Yes, we regret that it is not at least on the parametric mid band.


- For how long have you been using it?
2 years or more without failure, I remi my methods of working several times due to better use the small console.

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
What I have not digested it for 600euros she listen, we can not do this without paying for routing software. !.
I was furious and I still want to M-AUDIO for this. When you read articles about it NRV understand that the routing is simple. In practice it is not delivered with a demo of Pro Tools, and without the pro-tools demo finished routing in the first place.

So I search for software did not cost 600 Euros "to make routing" I went to Ardour then Reaper to fill this gap.
The interFX be avoided at all costs. Mac "AU Lab" (Developing Apple SDK) is 10 times better and is native.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No, I have not tried other models but I have done much research, I decided that this is the price, the NRV10 500Euros costing less than most machines that do that.
- What is your opinion about the value for the price?

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
With the budget I had at the time necessarily yes, there is no choice, but with more money (have to dream it feels good) I would have preferred a sound card format + Rack Console Full Analogue insert more, more to, more of everything.