Mackie ProFX12
Mackie ProFX12

ProFX12, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Mackie in the ProFX series.

AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Mackie ProFX12 : AlanForPresident's user review

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I purchased this 12 channel mixer so that I can have all of my instruments and mics plugged in all at the same time to eliminate removing certain cords just to switch them with different ones so much. Because we have so much gear we wanted a mixer that we could just have and keep all of our gear plugged in at the same time and never have to switch out anything. This is a great interface that hooks up USB to your computer and depending on which daw you are using you can synch it with your daw and use it to control your virtual mixer right on this hardware device. Setting this up was a tough task at first and required a lot of reading of the manual and a little research on my daw but after a few hours I got it all to work and now when I slide the mixer knobs the knobs in my software slide to. With just a slight millisecond of a delay but they still synch up great.


The sound quality is great, and now have been using this as our interface for a while now. My friend as even went out and purchased one of these so he can have all of his stuff hooked up at the same time. His reaction seeing this when I was using it was great, he couldn’t believe for this price he could do all of this. The price of this is righ around 200 dollars or so which is unreal and a must buy if you ask me.


The sound is clean, you cant ask for any more better of a sound for this price.


Great device, the Macki pro FX 12 has built in effects and 4 stereo channels. The actual mixer doesn’t seem really well built though, I wouldn’t want to drop it I would be scared that knobs and sliders would start popping off of it really fast if I dropped it so I take extra care of it, and for 80 dollars I found a mixer stand that keeps it tight so it doesn’t fall and hit the hard floor in my basement because that would just be a disaster. It is a great mixer for the home musician with a lot of different gear.