Mackie ProFX12
Mackie ProFX12

ProFX12, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Mackie in the ProFX series.

stompboxjon 12/04/2012

Mackie ProFX12 : stompboxjon's user review

« You can not go wrong with a Mackie Mixer »

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If you are looking to make some really good mixes and need 12 channels, than the Mackie Pro FX12 will work wonders for you. I have always been a fan of this line of mixers from Mackie because they are all built great and will last you a long time. All of the sliders are well made and not cheap, this goes for the smaller FX models too. There is a 3 band active EQ on each individual channel and also 6 microphone preamps with LED lights for monitoring.


Setting up this mixer is simple, no matter how you use it; studio or live use it is still easy to operate and set up. You can’t rack this mixer but it does have some cool effects right out of the box; so I would not mind having it as a desktop mixer. You can connect the FX12 to your computer via USB connection. All of the main functions are easy to operate and understand. If you have ever used any of Mackie’s mixers than you have used this one, they have kept the same flow and functions with almost all of the mixers they have come out with.


This mixer is very quiet; it does not generate any hissing. The EQ is decent for it to be an analog mixer; I have had way better EQ out of some higher end boards. But for this to only be 250 bucks what do you expect to get.


I prefer to use the FX12 for live use because in the studio we already have a mixer set up. We use this for some smaller places that we perform at because it is light and easy to move around. Also we really are not too worried if it gets damaged because it was so inexpensive and if anything ever happened to it we could afford to replace it right away. You can never go wrong with a Mackie mixer.