Mackie ProFX12
Mackie ProFX12

ProFX12, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Mackie in the ProFX series.

Prettyletter 09/26/2011

Mackie ProFX12 : Prettyletter's user review

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12 tracks including 4 stereo, built-in effects, input / output USB to connect the table to the PC: just enough.


On each track, it was a three-band EQ with gain control and volume effect and a button to make the track mute. The settings are simple, it's just a pity we can not regulate the effects more precisely but it is not very important.
However, I never found how to use the 7-band equalizer and built the manual is not very clear on this. I do not really tried either but the effect should only be used under certain conditions so that the settings do not work at all on the sound that comes out of the mix.


I use the console for recording and for the rehearsals and it seems to produce no breath. I had some feedback problems during its first use in rehearsal that were quickly resolved by activating the button low cut, very effective.
The effects are very good quality although some may not have their place in the console. The reverbs are pretty nice and very useful for me as I use it.


I use this table for a year. The only model I had tried before to get me this was his little sister: the Mackie 402-VLZ3 (4-track analog console). I chose this model for the number of channels, onboard effects, the input / output USB for recording and also a lot for the price (new € 289 Woodbrass in the model is 8 channels at that time at the same price Thomann from the competitor). I'm not a big fan of electronics hardware, but my need an audio interface I do not really have a choice. However, I am very pleased with this purchase and I would do with experience.