Behringer Noise Reducer NR300
Behringer Noise Reducer NR300

Noise Reducer NR300, Noise Gate for Guitar from Behringer.

Stratof 08/03/2014

Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 : Stratof's user review

«  She makes her taf for € 20 why deprive yourself? »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Noise Gate & mute.
Effects loop.


Threshold, Decay minimum for this type of effect.
Mode or mute noise gate with a lil inaccessible to foot button.
Manual as simple as the product.


It simply does its job but colors the sound a bit by adding some medium, having constantly engaged I correct carefree with the amp.


Use for a month, of course I had to try different wiring while re-organizing my pédal-board.
I tried the Boss NS2 without being conquered by the performance.
For instructions, refer to the Boss NS2 since Behringer is a copy! but 4 times cheaper which is not negligible. I put 7/10 for a very good price / quality ratio