Behringer Noise Reducer NR300
Behringer Noise Reducer NR300

Noise Reducer NR300, Noise Gate for Guitar from Behringer.

Echo tango 09/03/2014

Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 : Echo tango's user review

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Nothing special to say here. It is a noise gate that attempts to clone the Boss NS-2. The "mute" totally off the sound, reduced function adds the threshold and decay (as the majority of noise gates). An input / output jack, and a send / return jack also to constitute an effects loop.


Easy to use if one has already dabbled in noise gate. If not, the manual is explicit and the user ends up there quickly.


Works quite well if the cut is sometimes a bit messy. I use it between the output of my Blackstar HT-Dual and Ibanez head 15watts lamps. I tried it in the loop of my Peavey 5150 (head) but just like the noise gate that preceded it (Harley Benton) a "hmmmmm" is heard, even when I'm not playing. I think it's more due to the loop at the same pedal Peavey (because zero problems with the Ibanez head). For cons, I did not expect to capture the radio-(.


Purchased yesterday and tested in two different configs, I bought it for cheap and ultimately effective. In the end I find honnète for the price, nothing more.