Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Noise Gate for Guitar from Boss.

electric lullaby 09/13/2004

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor : electric lullaby's user review


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Boss while metal, tough as usual.


The concept of a loop is not necessarily very intuitive for a noise reducer, and the manual is not necessarily super clear on this point ...
Anyway, once you understand the principle, it is the ...

Attention stypule as the manual does not get in the loop of the NS-2 reverb, delay, looper ... So if your problems come from the background noise of one of these elements, it will not be the best solution.


In the effects loop of my 5150 (amp has a lot of background noise at the base, mainly in the loop), with 7-8 pedals in the loop of the NS-2, the result was not transcendent, and I was quite disappointed with this pedal: either the sound was too ate, or the background noise was not properly mitigated ... I never really found a compromise ...

I have since changed to a Vox AC30 amp, no effects loop. All of my things (a big couple of pedals) is placed between the guitar and amp, so I put most in the loop of the NS-2.
Already, the AC30, despite his great age, is significantly quieter than the other gas plant of base metal, but then I literally rediscovered the NS-2, which is simply very good job, especially fuzz on my (Jim Dunlop just cra-cra) or it does wonders.
Very good attenuation of background noise and the sound seems just ate ... and in any case, I have no coloration of sound.


So a good pedal if you have used a scraper and / or effects that buzz ...
on the other hand, there will be no miracle if the amp buzz that ...

I do not buy it back with closed eyes, a comparison with the reference, Hush, would seem to me indispensable ... and especially with his gear, otherwise it has no intérret, since the principle of this pedal is to make up the shortcomings of other elements, and therefore even more than any other pedal, there will be very different results in a config another.