Isp Technologies Decimator ProRackG Stereo Mod
Isp Technologies Decimator ProRackG Stereo Mod

Decimator ProRackG Stereo Mod, Noise Gate for Guitar from Isp Technologies.

samleouf 08/25/2010

Isp Technologies Decimator ProRackG Stereo Mod : samleouf's user review

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This is the stereo version of the ISP Decimator G ProRack (two channels plus a guitar input for triggering the gate)
He therefore has an additional channel to allow its use on two different amp so the signal comes from a single guitar.
This is a rackmount version.

For the connection:
- A channel dedicated to the guitar (for triggering the gate)
- Two dedicated channels to the effects loop of the amp

For settings:
- Potentiometer "Tracking Filter"
- Potentiometer "Threshold" per channel
- An on / off switch per channel
- A button -10 / +4 dB per channel


Configuration is very simple, just whether the effects loop of the amp runs on standard-10dB or +4 dB (typically for amp head is 4 dB) then level rise "Threshold" until the breath and the guitar feedback disappear.
Then there are more than Knob "Tracking Filter" to adjust and refine (which manages the interaction between the guitar signal and the level of muting)

on the other hand for the manual, you will have to take English classes or already have a pretty good level of understanding because the manual is entirely in English (and impossible to find in French on the net) for this point is that I put 8 because there are definitely tuning tips that do not quite understand (even with a translator)


This gate is super efficient!
I think you know the reputation of the Peavey 5150 Mk1 to be a monstrous blast ...
Well I have a Peavey 5150 Mk1 and the gate removed ENTIRELY the breath of the beast without altering the sound, or very little.
Regarding the cut-off, nothing nasty level change, you can leave the guitar sound but the feedback is controlled!

I use this gate with a Peavey 5150 and a Mesa Dual Rectifier 2010 and even on the Mesa (which is far superior to that of the Peavey) the difference is incredible!

Here are two videos that show very well how this model of gate:
(Part 1)
(Part 2)


I use it for about 4 months and I bought it after seeing the video so I have given you the links.
I thought long and hard because it still costs 540 euros! but the breath of 5150 was far too annoying so I tried the shot and I am far from regretting

It is the only model I found to successfully remove completely and without too much alteration of sound, the breath of 5150!

I would do without hesitation that choice is an unstoppable weapon of war!
The only problem is its price but it's worth the shot put aside a few months and drop a small fortune in jewelry.