Isp Technologies Decimator
Isp Technologies Decimator

Decimator, Noise Gate for Guitar from Isp Technologies.

crankyrayhanky 07/24/2012

Isp Technologies Decimator : crankyrayhanky's user review

« comes the tone! »

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Noise gate with one knob: sensitivity


Super easy to use; no manual needed. Plug in before amp, set threshold just to the point of activation and rock out.


the quality of this unit is extremely impressive. I would venture to say that ISP is now the leader in noise reduction. I had several units in the past including a 2 channel rocktron hush and several multifx with built in gates. This ISP is clearly at the top of the heap.


I love having this on my pedalboard. I'm a guy that typically avoids using nosie reduction these days...if possible. I usually go with minimal effects and wire it guitar>wah>overdrive>phaser>isp>amp. I could toss everything, but not the isp. Too many times it has saved the day. Example,, rig sounds great at home,even at high levels...go to practice, the drums are wailing and the room is smaller than ideal.. In order to compete, you turn up the volume, but then any lapse in playing results in abrasive squealing feedback. This results in either quieter guitar volume(never gonna happen, lol) or doing a pedal dance to silence your squeals, or knob turning acrobatics on your guitar. The ISP changes all of that; it will sense your stoppages and kill the noise. This allows for much greater perfomances, as you can just rely on this pedal as your rock, allowing you free to express yourself, play with dramatic Gilmore-ish breathes, execute deadly hi gain riffage countered with the needed chainsaw silence.

This pedal rules in live applications; the last thing you want at an important gig is uncontrollable noise. There were many shows I played where I never engaged the pedal(and the bypass does not seem to suck too much tone like other pedals), but there were plenty of shows where this thing was engaged all the time. Make no mistake, all noise reduction units will reduce quality of tone, but this unit seems to be the best at achieving transparency. It can give you that cool singing feedback while detecting the bad feedback and killing it. It has a very natural reaction time to the point where I haven't hesitated to use it in recording session as well. I would buy this again in a second, or explore some of their other pricier options. Great company and no need to look elsewhere ISP has this technology on an unparalleled level.