Isp Technologies Decimator
Isp Technologies Decimator

Decimator, Noise Gate for Guitar from Isp Technologies.

tonmazz 08/04/2012

Isp Technologies Decimator : tonmazz's user review

« ISP Decimator just plain works »

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It doesn't get much simpler that the ISP Decimator. One knob to control your threshold and on or off with a press of the pedal. Whatever time vector processing is, I don't care. It equals no latency in lighter or quick notes and the response of the ISP. This unit also does not eat tone like so many noise supression units do. Built extremely well and instruction manual is sufficient.


I bought this for one simple reason, I play a nuclear powered hot rodded Marshall for gigs. When I am not actively hitting a note, the hum from the amp was annoying. The sound guy finally came up to me one night and asked me what the problem was and asked if I ever tried the ISP Decimator. Picked one up for the next gig and never looked back. So easy to use and adjust on the fly depending on volume levels. The big middle knob makes it easy to adjust with your foot to find your threshold setting. This is also built like a tank with the metal shell, perfect for gigging.


Because this is a noise reduction device, the only question on sound I have is does it affect my core tone? The answer is no. It does not suck bass or tone in any way and is transparent as any noise suppressor I have ever used. I played several older Boss noise gates and they were not as transparent as this one.


I love the simplicity and the fact that it is totally transparent allowing my tone to flow through but be kept under control. It is obviously top notch construction and built well. No complaints on the sensativity of the threshold once you set it properly to your volume. It just plain works and does the job it says it does. Do I wish it was a bit cheaper, sure. Is it worth the money...yes. Just ask my sound guy, made is job much easier. I would suggest this to any musician looking to tame a wild Marshall or any other amplifier.