MXR M195 Noise Clamp
MXR M195 Noise Clamp
honey33 02/10/2014

MXR M195 Noise Clamp : honey33's user review

«  It is nickel ... »

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What is really good is the separation of the effect of the instrument loop.
I really all my pedals in the loop.
We can do an ultra sound distortion, and manage the noise clamp.


Configuration is very simple, but not without interest.
She recalls the boss NS2 also allows for partial or complete loop effects.


Quality is at the appointment.
There is no loss of signal, setting the "trigger" is really perfect.
I use the pedal with several guitars and therefore several types of microphones. (Assets and liabilities)
No worries!


I bought this secondhand pedal and I stole.
The guy sold me down.
I think it was a transformer connected with the wrong polarity.
Fortunately, I work with electronics, which are tested and repaired.
Morality, do not trust strangers ....

I was very disappointed with my purchase at first, but it was in no way the fault of the design or MXR pedal. In addition I bought it without the box.
To conclude, I was thinking of buying the ISP Decimator, but I no longer felt the need arising from the use of the MXR.
This is a very good pedal, cheap, which makes the job for several years.
I put 9/10 because I think there are probably better, but not at this price.