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fred dark 11/08/2005

Boost MAX 12 : fred dark's user review


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Fortunately I do not have that kind of stuff is really monstrous Whereas as a PA speaker, the loud, no bass, hardly supports 50w rms, a passive filter quality bordering on shame ( selfs look ridiculous, condos and chemical quality execrable Resistors on I will when she is, even my little cousin than 10 years knows better than soldering boost), speakers from non-landed I think the same is not piezo motorola sign (which would be a minimum all of the same), if you buy has made CHRE dung wood, the only thing little pressure correct on this stuff (all MODELS combined) are boxes and personal, I use the Fenton, hp as10x 70euros pice, pice filters Fenton 40 euros and super tweeter diffraction selenium pice 46 euros, cash crest audio amplifier and houses cpx1500, good advice (I speak not of my subwoofers also equip Fenton), if you are a little DIY and careful in your work, keep the boxes, change filters and HP, you redcouvrir what will sound in all its power, obviously if you use a boost amp, it's not even worth thinking about