Bose 802 Series II
Bose 802 Series II
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Bose 802 Series II : Anonymous 's user review

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It must rely on his ears, even if the sound seems to be flattering in the midrange (I was amazed by the presence of the song)
the race for the best technical and curves make the "uniform" equipment and "cold" (in our time, with the best technology and the largest computers in the world we would be unable to make a "Stradivarius")
If they were so bad the rating occasion would not be so high .....
802 Bose have the qualities of their defects (small errors sometimes make good inventions)
Their little "+" compared to other speakers and average power in this price range:
Presence, softness and warmth in the midrange (very important to highlight the singing sound)
Not aggressive and screaming (not engine compression)
Low attachment to feedback (handy for use in return)
Weight / space / sound
Original & unique design, nice look
Discount little time for resale
on the other hand, if you want more power: + subwoofer crossover "Bose" mandatory