Bose 802 Series II
Bose 802 Series II
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fluctus 03/20/2004

Bose 802 Series II : fluctus's user review


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I use a pair of Bose 802 SERIES 1 2 years (purchase).
A friend I used SERIES 2 for 1 year (purchase).

The diffrence between the two sries is that the two are SERIES "Tropic" and therefore better rsistent moisture and then progress as the processor between the two s ries and filters the signal for the sub, so if you want to use a sub, the processor must SERIES 2.

Bose is the most clear intelligibility of the signal, and its lack of agressivit (yet often contradictory CRITERIA most Systmes audio). Typically "public address".
on the other hand, a lack of real serious: these speakers are clearly made for voice. To see a sub (by a process controller Bose, Obviously).

So widely used on all types of groups (rock, jazz, trad ...) does not ncessitant serious, example: when the bass amp adj powerful enough, like 150W or 200W. I use them all the week on this kind of config Caf'Conc ', and does it well: no need to make people deaf, you just take back the voices and the bass drum (which also immediately a kick on the standard Bose without forcment ncessiter of aglisation).
Evidemmment in confrence is going great right now: there is a little better, but so much more!
on the other hand, to rap and DJ lespresta, it is better to forget!

The RAPORT qualitprix is ​​OK, when the sutout achte used. They are virtually indestructible, even when monitoring the state of hp and do a test. NB: the processor Bose is almost essential, and greatly limits the damage that may be caused to hp.
The Bose are rputespour robustness.

This was also what made me the prfrer their competitors: ElectroVoice SX200, Tannoy T12.
The Tannoy are neutral, but dlicates rgler, and a processor ncessitent home or long knowledge of legalization, I had the opportunity to test the Bose ct: you plug the Bose and rings, while the Tannoy, you think there will be a job! For cons, the Tannoy poustoufles me because I had heard on a concert (in return for scne) and it sounded as prcisment as studio monitors? Logical, since these are monitors i12, with a cutaway body!
The inconvnient is that the coax is gnial but it is fragile, and as t The series was stopped by Tannoy sr it is to find the hp replacement ... And it is less known than ElectroVoice Bose sound system and has made less "pro" (ct look, not ct's, because the ct is the indniablement top).
ElectroVoice tempted me too, because I also heard SX200 in Caf'Conc ', and his silent also equilibrated with real serious, and perfectly intelligible voice. probably a more natural sound than the Bose. But the rest of the 2-way with the problem of breakage of tweeters (distortion) and boomers (too serious).
Bose uses broadband 8 hp (hp kind of car!) Per speaker, and contributes significantly to the Resistors bte ...

In the end, I chose Bose for their robustness, the hood being protected them during transport, their scattering angle larger than its competitors (and thus a more homogne, and it can even happen back in Caf'Conc '), because you do not need to make them sound equalizer (you branches, and rings), and becaufe be found each month for sale in PA mag, and accessories (processor, sub, feet ...). And then there's a SAV Bose ct just from home. Finally, their look is especially IMMEDIATE "pro" people recognize the all-in-suite, and gives you the prestige crdibilit (was "class "!!!).

Each day of use I confirm that I board made the right choice for my needs.
They have the default of their quality:
- Large dispersion: sensitivity to feedback
- Lack of intelligibility and agressivit: curve rponse traffics, neutrality back
NB: they are trs well back in scne Caf'Conc ', holds you in their cover as is prvu for smettre bainde not walk, you can even rgler the angle, and with their wide dispersion you are using only 2 returns and all-the-world means trs well!

I'll buy the ending for ElectroVoice, to serve as back scne with Bose ... or vice versa, depending on the benefits!