JimboSpins 01/20/2013

JBL JRX125 : JimboSpins's user review

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The JBL Pro JRX 125 is a pair of speaker cabinets that I purchased years ago for under 1000 dollars. They still look brand new and sound exactly the same as they did the day that I purchased them years ago. I have used many JBL speaker cabinets before and I know that most all of JBL products are built to last a long time. These cabinets are built with JBL’s best drivers and crossovers. They have steel grilles and are covered with carpet material to keep them scratch proof. Each speaker does have handles on them (built into the unit).
The frequency range is 38Hz to 16 kHz with a peak capacity of 1000 watts and 500 watts of continuous power. These speakers do get loud though and have a crystal clear sound. I originally purchased a pair of these back in 2007 for some shows that we had going at the time and I was not sure if I was going to keep them because I thought that I was going to need more power but they ended up staying apart of our gear all the way up to this day and I would not think about getting rid of them because they have a great sound and the tonal quality they provide for certain instruments like guitars is second to none.
For the money, you will not get a better sounding speaker in that range. These speakers are pretty heavy but for the quality of sound you will get it is well worth the back ache of carrying them around with you. These speakers are the true reason why I love JBL speakers so much. They are made with the best materials and have the best sound (in this price range). I would purchase these again any day, even if they were made years ago I still think they have held their value well!