JBL JRX125 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent

Continuous power: 1000W
Peak Power: 2000W
Impedance: 4 Ohm
dispersion: 90 x 50
Drivepack DBX yes, PRVU program
RESPONSE in frquence: 45 Hz-16 kHz
Max SPL: 133 dB
Weight: 42.6 kg

I cost this series very often in the open, and the least we can say is that it sounds. I discut with sound technicians who say rightly that requires excellent JBL amplifiers CROWN genre (same group and perfectly ADAPTS products as built in synergy (or XTi XS series) LAB GRUPPEN or QSC AUDIO, but especially not Audiophony, DAP, and other Mac Mah Synq (MH thank you for these low-end products) and reunited these conditions, it was JBL that sounds really, one of the technicians said "she has a fishing of hell and as long as the sound is boost (the rack was black DBX you know what I mean ..) JBL performance is the prsentes well, I ' like .. "
The amplifier shall be Superior 50% power RMS speakers.
Professional quality cabling types Monster Cable.
I performed research about the report qualitprix product entirely manufactured in the USA from components HARMAN JBL 100% JBL course (I insist because ignards detractors say the respectable brand it's that there's EMMINENCE in JBL !!).
JBL has fixed production targets standards plantar scale, and so was able to reduce the price of Manire consquente to offer the best quality the market price of sound mobile. Hats JBL.
Ct listen, everything is more than Introduced, voices, acute mdiums and frequencies are reproduced with a rare realism through a pavilion innovative wave guide, JBL is the concept that specialist since dcnnies. A REPORT as the TR series prcdente the module "sonic guard" JBL technology that consists Aiges protect the transducers often put harsh evidence [/ b]. Bass, certainly effective speaker ground and not leve I strongly advise to add to them a type well JRX 118 in the case of using rock, hard rock, disco. In faade JAZZ or other musette orchestra, duo + squences, atmosphere "club med" singing tour is ideal. I saw this pregnant, JRX 125 also operates in return for scene (left + right side). Another important point power handling with JBL masters the technology for over 50 years, in two words, this series can hold either an integer night without fail and cashing in points beyond the maximum power without "flinching"
The JRX 125 is a quasi 3-way speaker with a JBL foix more is innovative, and with 2 HP HP Superior 38cm including 38cm / 15p ET covers low AND the mdiums (well done!) This m method is rather ingnieuse.
To sum it is a great investment sign JBL audio quality guarantee solidity, and very good aging in time with the guarantee of a service after rput sale.
JBL is a manufacturer and assembler NO.
And point does not ngliger, JBL sold well in time.