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Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets news

  • Meyer Sound Launches 3 New Loudspeakers

    Meyer Sound Launches 3 New Loudspeakers

    01/28/12 in Meyer Sound UPM-1XP

    Meyer Sound introduces 3 new 48-volt, DC-powered loudspeakers.

  • [NAMM] RCF Media Series

    [NAMM] RCF Media Series

    01/26/12 in RCF M801

    RCF introduced its new line of 2-way speakers at NAMM, with 5 models with power ranging from 80W to 160W.

  • [NAMM] Peavey SP BX Series

    [NAMM] Peavey SP BX Series

    01/20/12 in Peavey SP 2BX

    Peavey announces the new SP BX Series loudspeaker enclosures.

  • American Audio SenSeries Speakers

    American Audio SenSeries Speakers

    01/15/12 in American Audio Sense 12

    The SenSeries Speaker System consists of the Sense 8, Sense 12 and Sense 15 Speakers, along with the Sense 15B and Sense 18B Subwoofers.

  • RCF Compact & Media Series

    RCF Compact & Media Series

    08/09/11 in RCF Media

    RCF presents two new series of monitors, the Compact Series and the Media Series.

  • Wharfedale Kinetic Series

    Wharfedale Kinetic Series

    07/07/11 in Wharfedale Kinetic 12

    The Kinetic Series contains a lineup of passive full range enclosures supported by an 18” subwoofer and 2-way stage monitor.

  • Gemini GTX Series

    Gemini GTX Series

    06/29/11 in Gemini DJ GTX Series

    Gemini announces the new GTX series of passive loudspeakers.

  • Electro-Voice EVU Series

    Electro-Voice EVU Series

    06/22/11 in Electro-Voice EVU Series

    Electro-Voice launched its new EVU series of loudspeakers at InfoComm 2011.

  • Bosch LB3-PC

    Bosch LB3-PC

    06/21/11 in Bosch Communications Systems LB3-PC

    Launched at InfoComm 2011, the new LB3-PC passive loudspeakers from Bosch feature weatherized molded ABS enclosures for mobile or fixed indoor or outdoor use.

  • Wharfedale Delta Series

    Wharfedale Delta Series

    05/30/11 in Wharfedale Delta Series

    Wharfedale Pro announced a new passive loudspeaker range targeted at the touring and fixed installation sector.